Fireplace Accessories

Transforming a quiet room into an inviting warm living space is best accomplished by accenting your fireplace in a way that integrates form and function. From dressing up a fireplace with a simple screen or attractive mantel to adding firewood buckets, fireplace tool sets, gold accents, or even remote controls, the choice is yours!

When choosing fireplace accessories, consider the theme of the room and the overall feel of your home. Are you looking for a fireplace that gives off the comfortable air of a cottage, or do want the luxury and romance of a more contemporary feel?

Some popular fireplace accessories include:

  • Mantels
  • Sound Systems
  • Firewood Racks
  • Fan Kits
  • Surrounds
  • Andirons
  • Remote Controls
  • Damper Pulls
  • Glass Doors
  • Log Holds
  • Bellows
  • Log Lighters
  • Fire Screens
  • Log Carriers
  • Hearth Rugs
  • Firebacks
  • Fenders

Keep in mind, however, that many fireplace accessories serve a purpose other than decoration. Fire screens and surrounds, for example, help keep the fire safely contained, while log holds, log lighters and bellows are designed to make starting and maintaining a fire easier. Of course, some accessories, such as sound systems and remote controls, are designed purely to add luxury to your fireplace setting.

Another important consideration for fireplace accessories is the type of fireplace they're accessorizing. A gas fireplace has a very different feel than a wood stove, and the accessories you choose should reflect that. There may also be some tools or accessories that are required for safe operation of your particular fireplace, so be sure to check what these are and whether they will have to be purchased separately.

The most important consideration for fireplace accessories should always be safety, but with the wide variety of options available today, you will rarely have to sacrifice style.

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