Fatwood Fire Starters

You don't have to be a Boy Scout to start a roaring blaze in your fireplace every time! More and more homeowners are discovering the convenience of Firestarters to avoid the hassle of trying to start a fire with newspapers or scraps of kindling.

And by far the most popular and effective firestarter on the market is Fatwood, an amazing natural product that will get most fireplaces roaring with only one or two thin sticks.

Fatwood is a natural kindling that is cut from the stumps of previously harvested pine trees in the southern United States. This tree - the longleaf pine - has an unusually high saturation of resin or sap, which makes its wood highly flammable. In fact, the longleaf was often tapped by pioneers to extract turpentine from its sap.

Fatwood lighter sticks are usually 8 inches long and come in 10 or 25-pound quantities. They light with a single match and produce an intense flame that also gives off a lovely pine scent. And because fatwood sticks are cut from existing stumps, it is an environmentally friendly product and a good use of renewable resources!

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