Fireplace Ornamental Inserts and Andirons

Firedogs are not something that you roast

Ornamental inserts for fireplaces include fireplace candelabra , fake logs and visualization inserts for gas fireplaces. These are typically intended to give the impression of a fire in a fireplace which does not have one burning, or to give the impression of a wood fire in a gas-fuelled or electric fireplace. In the case of gas fireplaces, these inserts include glass pebbles, sand, and other "visualizations" which give an artistic appeal to the fireplace.

Andirons are horizontal iron bars across which logs are laid in an open hearth to facilitate burning. Essentially, these iron devices have been replaced by plate steel or aluminum fire grates which are often found in prefabricated masonry fireplaces today. In past, andirons might also In older eras (e.g. 16th to 18th century AD) andirons were also used as a rest for a roasting spit or may have a cup-shaped top to hold porridge.

An andiron typically stands on short legs and is usually attached or connected to its twin with a guard at the front of the fireplace. This guard may be made of iron, copper, steel, bronze, silver, or even occasionally gold. The guards are often decorated quite elaborately with patterns such as animals, monsters or mythical creatures such as gargoyles. In the past, they were referred to by the creatures depicted on them, so that a set of andirons with dogs on them was referred to simply as a set of "firedogs". In time, all andirons came to be known simply as firedogs. This fortunate fact has simplified the discussion of hearth ornamentation and prevented from including a feature explaining the difference between firedogs, firesheep, and firedragons.

In the past, firedogs or andirons would have a second horizontal bar above the fire which could be used as a rest for a roasting spit. Some andirons also included a pot or bowl for cooking in next to the fireplace. Although some of these types of andirons are available today, cooking over the fireplace is a generally undesirable option in North America, because of the fact that combustion gases and smoke will almost inevitably find their way into the living area if fireplace doors are left open continuously. Along with other fireplace accessories, andirons and ornamental inserts enhance your fireplace ownership experience, but are typically not necessary for its basic function.

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