Fireplace Blowers

Heating Your Room Cost Effectively

Fireplace blowers are designed to distribute the air from your fireplace throughout your entire home. Fan blowers can be placed anywhere including right in front of your fireplace or in the doorway of the room. When placed in front of the fire the blower will distribute the air throughout the room. When placed in a doorway, a fireplace blower will distribute the air to another room making the heat more effective.

A blower is not designed to affect the combustion rate of your fire and does not affect the quality of fire produced. These units are simply used to blow the air around in order to evenly distribute it throughout your home. If your aim is to heat a large room or several rooms in your home, a blower is highly recommended.

Installing a fireplace blower can be easy or difficult, depending on the amount of power, which was initially installed with your fireplace unit. If power (110 VAC) was provided to the electrical junction box, at the time of initial installation, installing a blower will be relatively simple. If this power was not originally provided, a blower may still be possible; however, it will be more difficult and considerably more expensive to do so. If your unit has the power and the installation is easy, these items are a beneficial investment which can greatly improve the circulation of heat throughout your home. If your unit does not provide adequate power, this investment may be too difficult and too expensive for the outcomes they produce. The choice you make will depend on the outcome you are looking to receive, as well as the amount of money you are willing to spend.

A fireplace blower is very beneficial for rooms which are large because it's hard to distribute the heat throughout the entire room. The heat tends to stay in the immediate area surrounding the fireplace and unless you have a blower, the temperature in the middle and outer parts of the room will be relatively unaffected.

If you are looking to purchase a fireplace blower you can expect to pay anywhere from $75 to hundreds of dollars depending on the size, make and model of blower you choose. The more you spend the better your blower will perform and the longer it will last.

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