Fireplace Candelabra

Dancing flames without the heat

A candelabrum is an ornate candle holder, usually intended to carry a large number of candles. In earlier times, candelabra were a common fixture in dining rooms and other rooms where socialization commonly occurred, as they were the only effective way to light a room thoroughly prior to kerosene lanterns and more recently electric lighting.

In a modern setting, a fireplace candelabrum allows you to enjoy a fire all year round, even when summer temperatures make a proper fire completely impractical. In this way, you are able to have dancing flames in your fireplace regardless of the temperature outside. This is applicable to faux fireplaces as well as traditional wood burning fireplaces or masonry fireplaces.

There are candelabra intended for placement on top of the mantel or inside of the fireplace itself so as to replicate the image of a fire. Fireplace candelabra themselves can be made of nearly any metal you can think of, ranging from either wrought iron or cast-iron to copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and more. Glass, stone, or other materials can be used, but are extremely uncommon for a variety of reasons and tend to be present only in custom-made choices. The most common material for use in fireplace candelabra is wrought iron. In fact, many tin or aluminum candelabra are painted a matte black to imitate the look of heavier and more expensive traditionally-made wrought iron works of art.

When selecting candelabra, your biggest constraint is the size of your fireplace. Be sure that the candelabra itself will fit in through the fireplace doors and that it is not so tall that the flames will be obscured. Also, ensure that the candelabrum fits your preferred size of candles. It may seem like a foolish detail, but if you have a box of candlesticks in storage and buy a candelabrum which requires larger or smaller candles, it can be an unnecessary inconvenience.

If your interest in a fireplace is mainly or entirely for heat, then a candelabrum is probably of very limited interest to you – instead, you can simply leave some logs in your fireplace in a "ready to light" arrangement.

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