Fireplace Cleaning Accessories

There is a wide collection of fireplace accessories designed specifically for the upkeep of your fireplace.

Ash Vacuums make cleaning out your fireplace easy. Special filters trap ash and dust, plus there's a heat resistant hose and drum - so there's no need to wait for the embers to cool down.

Woodstove Paint is a highly heat-resistant black paint that restores your steel or cast iron woodstove to its original condition. Look for paint which has at least a 1200 degree Fahrenheit heat-resistance since it will prevent the paint from blistering and peeling.

Fireplace Cleaners come in a variety of formulas to clean and restore specific parts of the fireplace internally and externally: Gas Fireplace Cleaners, Glass Cleaners, Gas Log Cleaners, Brick Cleaners and Stone Cleaners. The main purpose of all cleaners is to remove soot and ash from the fireplace.

Chimney Sweeping Logs are burned to release special vapors that reduce or remove creosote build-up in the chimney. Chimney sweeping logs are great for regular maintenance, but should not replace an annual inspection and cleaning by a certified chimney sweep. Creosote removers also come in liquid and spray forms - just apply to existing logs, and burn.

Fireplace/Chimney Mortar is available in interior and exterior formulas and is used to repair cracks. Interior formulas should have a high heat-resistance level, usually 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fireplace Deodorants are perfect for wood fireplaces or stoves that haven't been used in a while and smell dusty and stale. Simply place the deodorant in the fireplace while it is not burning, and the deodorant will eliminate unwanted odors. Most sticks last 30 days or more.

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