Fireplace Doors

Finish your fireplace with style

By Dale Chappell

Today's modern decorators have many options when looking to complement a room's design with fireplace doors and screens. From the great room of a rustic log cabin to the romantic setting of a contemporary master bedroom, fireplace screens and doors can be the perfect accent to complete any decor.

Naturally, when designing for a room with a fireplace, function and form must be considered. Both professional decorators and do-it-yourself designers are sometimes faced with matching the original architecture of the hearth to decorating choices limited by availability. Fortunately, fireplace screen manufacturers offer a multitude of materials and styles to make the selection of the perfect fireplace door easy and affordable.

For safety's sake, a functional wood-burning fireplace requires a screen or door made of heat-resistant materials which is specifically designed to catch any errant sparks and hot debris. For this reason, some very ornate glass fireplace doors are not suitable for a nice natural fire on a cool night. Offering protection and beauty, cast-iron fireplace doors, some including detachable mesh steel screens, are designed for either wood-burning or gas fireplaces. By consulting a home construction specialist, homeowners can determine the construction type used to build the fireplace into the home. From traditional brick and mortar to pre-fabricated fireplace kits, fireplace doors are designed for each need and often require custom fitting and installation to maintain a warm and safe home.

Natural gas fireplaces, on the other hand, offer the same visual aesthetics as a wood-burning fireplace, but do not burn at the same intensity. Additional options become available when decorating rooms with natural-gas-burning fireplaces. From the most ornate fireplace glass doors to custom fireplace doors created by skilled craftsmen, designers must still consider safety issues, but when blending the look of an entire room, style and mood is easily achieved.

Faux fireplaces are a designer's dream. Like a canvas awaiting the artist's touch, accents like stained glass fireplace doors or shining brass fireplace screens often become the focal point of the room. Without the concerns of stray sparks or children's little fingers, these screens and doors are limited only by availability and budget.

Whether you are finishing new construction or remodeling a room, the hearth of the home adds value beyond the ability to profit from the future sale of the property. Providing family memories, romantic encounters or a relaxing refuge from the day's grind, a home's fireplace easily becomes the perfect setting for life's special moments.

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