Fireplace Screen Doors

Protect your home and family from sparks and embers

Modern fireplace screens and doors can provide a practical solution to keep sparks and burning embers in wood burning fireplaces from potentially posing a fire hazard, or damaging hearth rugs and floors. They can also serve as a decorative centerpiece, adding comfort and elegance to any room.

Most wood and gas fireplaces are either masonry (brick and mortar) or metal prefabricated (sometimes called zero-clearance) fireplaces. Look inside your fireplace, and if you see brick and mortar with a brick chimney, then you have a masonry fireplace. If you look inside, and see instead a metal box or a metal box with firebrick lining and a metal pipe instead of a brick chimney, you have a zero-clearance fireplace. If it is not clear on a quick inspection which type of fireplace you have, ask your local home heating inspector to tell you during his next scheduled maintenance visit.

If you have a zero-clearance fireplace, check the manufacturer and model number to determine what fireplace screens, panels, and doors you can use. In some cases, the manufacturers will maintain a list of components which they suggest for use with their fireplaces. In order cases, manufacturers of the screens or doors will list which fireplace makes and models their products are compatible with.

If you have a masonry fireplace:

  • Be sure to take all measurements with a steel tape measure and to the nearest 1/16"
  • Take photographs when possible to show a retail specialist the fireplace
  • If the enclosure is larger than the opening, measure the width of the opening at the top and bottom for maximum and minimum widths
  • Measure the height from the opening of the hearth to the brick
  • If the enclosure is smaller than the opening measure the width of the opening at the top and bottom for minimum width.

To get an idea of the options available to you in fireplace doors and screens, browse through the shopping links in the box at the top of this page. Fireplace accessories such as a chimney liner, caps, fireplace tools, and gas long inserts are available. Please bookmark this site to return to shop. Be sure to do a search for new, popular gas fireplaces .

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