Gas Logs

Often the argument in the past has been that gas fireplaces look more like furnaces than traditional wood burning fireplaces. Where is the flame licking along the bark and biting eagerly into dry wood?

The gas log provides a good alternative. By mixing the aesthetic appeal of burning wood with the economic installation and increased value of a gas fireplace, the gas log has provided the best of both worlds. These fireplace inserts are available for ventless gas fireplaces as well.

A gas log is made from fireproof molded refractory cement, extruded bisque ceramic clay or molded ceramic fibers (depending upon the model and manufacturer). The gas flame looks to be endlessly consuming the gas log and provides a pleasing shape as the light flickers off the contours of the log.

With some creative handling of the controls, the owner can change the way the flame rises off of the gas log and provide a roaring "crackling" fire or a slow, smoldering burn.

One of the great benefits is deciding on the "wood burning" look to your gas log. There are many varieties available including walnut, manzanita, pine, birch, and oak facsimiles.

Manufacturers have a different ways of stacking the gas logs (fireplace inserts) and many of the cast logs are detailed, often by hand, to mimic colors and bark textures such as knotholes and branches. Take the time and look for the gas log assembly that best complements your setting and ambiance! Bookmark this site now and return to learn more about gas fireplaces.

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