Mantel Clocks

A time-honored tradition above your fireplace

By Christopher Chatterton

They say a fireplace is the heart of the home, and what better way to complement this centerpiece than with a mantel clock?

What is the appeal of a mantel clock?

  • A mantel clock is a staple of the family home. A fireplace clock placed atop a mantelpiece over a roaring fire gives a focal point to the room. The reassuring sound of a mantel clock chime tells us when it's time for supper.
  • In today's fast-paced world, antique mantel clocks give us time to relax by appreciating their design and intrinsic aesthetic beauty.
  • For the horologists and furniture lovers amongst us, collecting mantel clocks can be a rewarding hobby, with the allure of mantel clock mahogany sometimes being too much to resist for antique clock enthusiasts.

What styles are there to consider?

Whether you favor an art deco style mantel clock with a silkscreen design, or the traditional-looking antique feel of mahogany, there is a vast array of mantel clock designs to choose from.

  • The traditional dark sheen of mahogany is a trademark of a Seth Thomas mantel clock. Originally founded in 1813, Seth Thomas mantel clocks are renowned as the leading manufacturer of antique mantel clocks in the U.S. and produce a vast array of designs.
  • If you're after a traditional-looking mantel clock, the most ubiquitous mantel clock design is the tambour style, which has the familiar round face with symmetrical sweeping curved lines on each side. One example of this is the Emperor style Seth Thomas mantel clock, which has hour and minute hands rendered in striking filigree work.
  • Pendulum style antique mantel clocks provide an interesting alternative, and are perfect if you want to recreate an old English feel in your decor. An example of this is the Westminster, another Seth Thomas mantel clock, which plays the chimes of Big Ben.
  • Another factor to consider is the style of the numerals on your mantel clock face. Most antique mantel clocks have the traditional Roman numeral face, which gives a stylish finish to any room and complements other antique furnishings you may have.

If you're considering buying a genuine antique mantel clock and have a little more to spend, then you should consider a Sessions mantel clock.

A Sessions mantel clock gives you history and quality design for your buck. With a legacy harking back to 1903, a Sessions mantel clock comes in a range of designs, from the sturdy column style antique mantel clock, to the familiar tambour style.

Whether you are buying a fireplace clock for your living room, or an antique mantel clock as a gift, a mantel clock will give its recipient many years of pleasure.

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