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Your guide to a successful hearth experience

So you've got a fireplace or woodstove – maybe a brand new one, or maybe you're familiar with home hearth equipment but just want to learn a little bit more about the successful operation of your heating appliances. Well then, is here to help you. New owners of fireplaces and woodstoves often have many questions about the operation and maintenance of their heating appliance, such as how to start a wood fire, how to store wood, or how frequently should I clean my chimney? To make your experience with your fireplace or woodstove an enjoyable and successful one, we have gathered some of the questions most frequently asked by both new users and those familiar with home hearth equipment and provided you with answers.

Of course, there are plenty of questions that you will not find answers to on this site. For example, people are often curious to know what we think is the best model of fireplace or woodstove – but that's a lot like asking about the single best car, or house. Some people prefer sedans or cottages, while others prefer SUVs or mansions. Similarly, some homes and homeowners find that a catalytic wood stove suits their needs most effectively, while others fall in love with high-efficiency natural gas fireplace inserts. There is no one answer to the "Which model is the best" question when fireplaces and woodstoves as a whole are included. We can provide you with some product information and a breakdown of things you need to look for, such as the EPA Clean-burning Wood Stoves and Fireplaces Program , but the rest is up to you.

Of course, if you're thinking about how do Iprepare my home for the installation of a new woodstove or the costs of installation involved in buying a fireplace or woodstove of any kind then we'll be glad to help you out. Read on for all that you could possibly need to know about ensuring a warm and comfortable ambience from your fireplace or woodstove for years to come.

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