Controlling Your Gas Fireplace

Quick and convenient to turn on or off

All gas fireplaces have a pilot light. This is a small gas flame that ignites the main burner to produce the warm fire that you see inside of your fireplace. With a standing pilot light, the flame is always burning, which means that it has a continuous (very low) consumption of natural gas even when not in use. This also means that the flame is instantly available at any time. Most gas fireplaces have a standing pilot light, which is ignited into full fire by manually turning on the gas, usually with a switch. Other fireplaces have an automatic start function, such as an electric igniter, which is activated via a remote control or thermostat. With such a system, the fireplace automatically turns on the gas and ignites the pilot light with an electric spark to produce a fire. If the pilot light is extinguished and the fireplace does not have an automatic starter, the pilot light must be manually re-lit with matches. During a power failure, only gas fireplaces with a standing pilot can produce a fire, because electric igniters require electricity to ignite the pilot light.

An electric igniter is usually a simple ON/OFF switch on the fireplace or wall that restarts the gas supply/pilot light and simultaneously ignites the fire. Another control feature, a variable setting control, allows you to manually adjust the heat output of your fireplace by controlling the fireplace's gas consumption and thus its heating efficiency rate. This feature is also called a turndown and it allows you to maintain ideal levels of heat within the room where your fireplace is located.

Much like a furnace, your gas fireplace can be set to turn on and off at preset temperatures by using a thermostat. An automatic thermostat can automatically adjust the heat output of the fireplace to keep the room temperature at a constant level. For further control flexibility, some gas fireplaces offer a remote which allows you to turn your gas fireplace on and off, regulate the flame height, and even control the levels of heat output, all from the convenience of your couch or another room entirely.

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