Styles, Finishes & Views - Gas Fireplaces

As many styles as there are owners

Gas fireplaces are available in a variety of styles, finishes and views, providing virtually unlimited options for its effect on the décor within your home. When determining which style of fireplace will work best for you, you'll want to take into consideration the finish of the fireplace itself, the fireplace surround and its view.

The style is the overall look and feel of your gas fireplace. As the fireplace is often the focal point of a room, its style will often determine the overall mood and atmosphere of the entire room. Popular styles of fireplaces include antique, Victorian, classic, modern, minimalist, rustic and many more. There are also subtle variations on many of these themes which can significantly alter the overall effect.

The finish, surround and view of the gas fireplace are what determine the overall style. The fireplace itself can be finished with stainless steel, brushed steel, cast-iron, brass, or other metals. The surround – which is the area surrounding the fireplace, is often made of marble, brick, wood, granite, concrete, stone, or tiles and plaster. The fireplace surrounds often include a mantel (a shelf above the fireplace) and a hearth, which is the floor of a fireplace that often extends away from the wall.

Gas fireplaces also offer many views. The most common is the traditional front view fireplace, where only the front of the fireplace is visible. However, there are also multi-view fireplaces, where 2 or more sides of the fireplace are visible. Similar to a multi-view is the standalone (or island) fireplace, where the fireplace is not attached to any walls, and all 4 sides are open. A peninsula fireplace is usually built into a half or partial wall, and tend to be smaller in size. It offers 2 or 3 open sides. For those looking to save wall space, a corner fireplace is convenient, as it is tucked into a corner, with 1 or 2 open sides. Lastly, there is the see-through fireplace, which is placed in the wall between 2 rooms, and is visible from both rooms.

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