Cooking Tripod

Cooking over a campfire, gas fire pit, and more

Cooking tripods are three-legged contraptions which allow you to suspend a pot or pan above the flames of a campfire, outdoor fireplace, small chiminea or a gas grill so as to cook on it. Do not try to use a cooking tripod with a patio heater – not even with the adjustable, very short models. At best, the radiant heat will not warm the food you are trying to cook and at worst, it will pose a significant fire hazard.

The idea with many of these is to raise or lower the pot or pan so as to effectively increase or decrease the amount of heat that is actually getting to the food that you are trying to cook. Now, it is very important to note that this method of cooking is not intended to be used on decks or patios due to the very high risk of accidental fires.

A cooking tripod by itself is of no use for cooking – it is only meant as a rack to hold the cooking vessel in which you plan to heat your food. These are very popular for camping in easily constructed and disassembled models which allow easy storage and reconstruction at the campsite to cook over an open wood fire. If you camp frequently or have an outdoor fireplace of any kind which is not located on a patio deck or other flammable surface, you may be interested in a cooking tripod so as to take advantage of this outdoor heat source and enjoy a rustic, camping-style getaway and meal without even having to leave home.

When using a cooking tripod, it is important to make sure that you set the stand securely so that it will not tip over. As you can imagine, a hot pan full of boiling liquid tipping over next to your fire would not only be a mess - it could potentially splash, causing harm to anyone standing nearby.

As a matter of safety, it is important to remember that a cooking tripod can be somewhat unstable even with proper installation, so children and pets should be supervised when playing in your campsite or backyard if you are using a cooking tripod. Like other methods of cooking, injury can result when cooking tripods are used carelessly. If you use common sense and take care, your tripod can be lots of fun for the whole family whether camping out or just cooking in your backyard.

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