Patio Flame Covers

A cover for your patio heater

Much like the flame screens used with patio heaters, a flame cover can have two different meanings. These cover your patio heater and protect it from the elements, much like barbecue covers or other coverings for outdoor equipment. You can buy a specialized cover for your particular model of patio heater so that the cover will not blow away in the wind when not in use. Many of these covers are made from nylon, vinyl, or other synthetic materials which are weather-and-moisture-resistant and able to withstand heavy winds. The most commonly available colors for these are black and white, although other colors can sometimes be custom ordered to match with your deck or house. More commonly, these are simply known as "patio heater covers".

Alternatively, some people use the term "flame cover" to refer to the patio flame screen or "emitter screen shield" which prevents objects from coming into contact with the flame emitter portion of a patio heater, which can cause serious harm. Either one of these usages can be considered correct.

Patio heater covers can be purchased separately, and in fact, they are very rarely included with the purchase of your patio heater, while the emitter screen shield is a standard safety feature included in the vast majority of lifestyle patio heaters as well as commercial patio heaters. Whether you use your patio heater frequently or only occasionally, a patio heater cover is an excellent investment to prevent your heater from losing its shine due to exposure to wind, rain, snow, and sun. Particularly if you have a larger, permanently-mounted model, it is very important to ensure that it is not exposed to the elements while not in use. If your patio heater is a smaller portable or semi-portable unit, then this may not be as significant a concern as you can simply bring the heater inside for storage when not in use.

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a patio heater cover, you should be sure that it has a proper flame cover or emitter screen shield. If it is not a small, portable unit you will definitely want to look into getting a patio heater cover to protect your investment.

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