Patio Flame Screen

A great option for patio heaters

There are two distinct types of flame screens used in modern outdoor patio heaters. One is actually called the "emitter screen", which is an essential part of the burner element itself which disperses the flame, and is a part of the way that these devices spread radiant heat so effectively. The other usage of the term "flame screen" refers to the "emitter screen shield", or a metal screen that is placed around the entire burner element to keep inquisitive hands from getting too close to the heat source. These screens are often made of copper or stainless steel. Although they do get very hot, possible burns from these would be significantly less serious than the level of harm which could be caused by direct physical contact with the burner element itself. So while one flame screen is simply part of the burner element, the other is an important passive safety feature of modern patio heating systems.

Patio heaters have a variety of more high tech safety features including oxygen depletion sensors and flame detectors. The oxygen depletion sensor serves to shut the flame off if for some reason the availability of oxygen declines below acceptable levels - this usually means that the patio heater is being used in an enclosed area, and carbon monoxide is displacing oxygen, which can pose a serious safety risk. The flame detector serves to shut off the flow of fuel to the patio heater, preventing the patio or other area from accumulating potentially hazardous amounts of gas in the air, posing a fire hazard.

Many outdoor patio heaters also have a tip sensor, which is set to 25-35 degrees, so that if the patio heater is not level, or is tipped over, the flame and fuel will shut off as soon as it passes that mark. These safety features work together to make patio heaters a remarkably safe and easy-to-use outdoor heating option, providing opportunities for winter enjoyment that otherwise would be simply unavailable to most homeowners.

When shopping for a patio heater, make sure that these safety features are included so that you can ensure ease of use and comfortable winter heating on your patio, all season long.

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