Patio Heaters

Backyard heat, even in the winter wind

Imagine being able to relax comfortably on your deck or patio, even during the chilly winter months, without having to worry about the cold weather. Outdoor patio heaters have made this dream a reality, allowing homeowners to enjoy an outdoor barbecue, soak in the hot tub or simply relax on the patio regardless of what Mother Nature happens to be doing.

You can think of a large patio heater as an outdoor fireplace that is designed specifically to provide warmth and ambience on a deck. Patio heaters serve as the centerpiece of outdoor winter social gatherings, sitting around the fire while sipping hot chocolate or coffee.

Home patio heaters are smaller versions of the industrial-strength heaters that have become common in bars and restaurants with outdoor patios. Using either propane or natural gas, home patio heaters are capable of generating up to 45,000 BTUs of radiant heat distributed in a 20-foot diameter.

Most home patio heaters stand between 6 and 8 feet tall and radiate heat downward and outward from an umbrella-shaped stainless steel cap. Propane or natural gas is fed up through tubing in the bottom of the fixture and burned inside of the appliance to provide the heat for your outdoor social gathering.

Prices start at around $250 and can go as high as over $700, depending on the features and options that you choose. For the typical homeowner, a basic functional model with sleek, modern styling and materials can be purchased for around $300. Depending on your needs, budget, and existing patio décor, you'll want to choose different sizes, options, or output ratings.

Most home patio heaters are available in a range of designer colors and are built with complete portability in mind. They typically come with a carrying case and many models have wheels to allow for maximum ease of movement.

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