American Hearth Systems Inc.

Empire Comfort Systems Inc. brand covers wide range of gas-burning hearth products

Hearth industry innovator Empire Comfort Systems turns out excellent quality when it comes to gas and wood-burning products, and its American Hearth Systems brand leads the way in bringing a wide variety of gas-burning hearth products to market.

American Hearth currently produces vent-free fireboxes and gas fireplaces, direct vent fireplaces, stoves, log sets, mantels and various new fireplace accessories.

The American Hearth Systems line of vent-free gas fireboxes and fireplaces purportedly deliver 99.9 per cent efficiency and include thermostatic control, as well as optional blowers and its Fresh Air + and Ultra-Smart Burner systems. The lines it offers range in size from the mini fireplace at 26" to a 42" Premium Firebox.

The 32" Vent-Free Fireplace (pictured below), for example, includes many different decorative accessories, not to mention 32,000 BTU heat rating, and inlets for natural gas or liquid propane. It is also zero clearance certified, has remote and thermostatic controls, an oxygen depletion sensor and a hand-painted ceramic fiber log set.

American Hearth Premium 32" Vent-free Fireplace

American Hearth direct-vent fireplaces are separated into two product lines: Deluxe (ADVD) and Premium (ADVP). All direct-vent fireplaces incorporate top and bottom louvers for air circulation, heat-resistant tempered glass and lava rock and glowing embers.

Deluxe models come in the following styles, including size and heat rating:

  • ADVD32 (32" and 18,000 BTU)
  • ADVD36 (36" and 20,000 BTU)
  • ADVD42 (42" and 25,000 BTU)
  • ADVD48 (48" and 28,000 BTU)

Premium models include a new log set, on top of the Ultra-Smart Burner system, and the following styles:

  • ADVP36 (36" and 25,000 BTU)
  • ADVP42 (42" and 28,000 BTU)
  • ADVP48 (48" and 30,000 BTU)

Gas stoves at American Hearth are divided into two basic categories, Classic and Vintage. Classic gas-burning stoves are made of cast-iron, and provide three options for venting: vent-free, direct-vent and B-vent. Classic requires no electricity to run it, has push-button ignition, variable heat output and 30,000 BTU heat rating.

The Vintage (picture below) is an economy model that is vent-free, burns either natural gas or liquid propane, is remotely controlled either by wall-mounted or battery operated hand-held and a 25,000 BTU rating.

American Hearth Vintage Vent-Free Stove

American Hearth log sets (detailed below) incorporate the Ultra-Smart Burner System, and are custom cut in four different sizes: 16", 18", 24" and 30".

Other features:

  • Propane or natural gas ready
  • Realistic embers
  • Dancing yellow flames
  • Available easy access kits

American Hearth mantels run to cabinet-styled models, which incorporate Standard, Universal and Profile mantels. They are available in an array of wood finishes, including oak, cherry, white and unfinished oak and hardwood. Profile mantels can be styled to include upper tier, dentil moldings, appliqués, plinths and bead trim to meet discerning standards.

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