Appalachian Stove

North Carolina manufacturer turns out great looking units

For 30 years, Appalachian Stove has been producing unique wood burning stoves and gas stoves, gas fireplaces, fireplace mantels and gas log sets. Its product lines come in a range of prices and styles to satisfy every taste and need.

Appalachian Stove's signature wood-burning series of stoves come in seven different styles and sizes with individual characteristics, as seen in the following:

  • Gemini XLB – Zero Clearance; approx. 15 hour burn on hardwood; front mounted blower; easy access ash pan.
  • Gemini XL – Same as XLB
  • 36 BW – Free-standing unit; heats from 1200-2600 sq. ft. with 22" wood; 77-88 % efficient; optional free-standing base.
  • 32 XLBW – Free-standing; heats from 1500-2500 sq. ft with 20" wood; air wash glass door.
  • 52 Bay – Heats up to 1500-2700 sq. ft. with 24" wood; 77-90 % efficient, under normal burn conditions; approved for masonry.
  • 30 CD – Up to 13 hour burn on hardwood; 1000-2000 sq. ft. heating capacity on 18" wood; up to 75-85 % efficient, under normal conditions.
  • 4 NI XL – 1200 to 2200 sq. ft. heating capacity, on 18" woods; up to 13 hour hardwood burn; front mounted blower.

Appalachian Stove 4 NI XL Wood Stove

The 4 NI XL model (see photo above) is the most reviewed of the Appalachian Wood Stove line, garnering positive remarks about its good looking qualities and excellent heat output. Where it falls down with consumers is in two areas: the glass not staying clean from air flow over it and that the blower can be noisy.

Appalachian Stove manufactures eight distinct gas fireplaces , all either burning liquid propane or natural gas or both, and have such standard features as zero clearance installation, glowing embers, brick lined firebox, Piezo ignition and stainless steel burners. Options for all units can include remote control, wall thermostat, double burner system and decorative volcanic ash.

To go with the eight gas fireplaces, Appalachian produces eight different gas log sets, seven of which are vent-free and one vented. With few exceptions, Appalachian's gas logs include many standard features including glowing embers, yellow flames and oxygen depletion sensors. Remote controls and wall thermostats are available options.

Appalachian mantels are custom-designed to meet the requirements of either deluxe or economy fireplace units. Modern construction and a honey oak finish are the key traits to the mantels.

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