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Gas inserts top Canadian manufacturer's product lines

In Mission , British Columbia , Archgard Fireplace Products has taken the gas fireplace insert to new levels. While it does manufacture wood stoves, pellet stoves, zero clearance gas fireplaces and free standing gas fireplaces, Archgard has developed its own unique improvements on the gas insert. Unique flame patterns, liquid propane conversion kits, remote controls, realistic looking log sets and the use of either radiant heat, convection heat or fan assisted heat to increase efficiency are all hallmarks of Archgard technology at work.

Archgard's five gas insert lines combine space saving convenience, versatility and its own Fiberflame technology that gives the fire a unique glow, with cherry-colored enhancement. The five inserts are listed below, with brief overview:

  • Optima 22 – compact design, 23" wide; natural gas and liquid propane (LP) ratings; lifetime warranty on specific items.
  • Euro 25 – Compact; claims to be 77 % efficient; unique 7 piece log set; black bay door.
  • Optima 32 – Up to 34,000 BTU/Hr for natural gas heat output; may heat a space of between 1,000 and 1,600 sq. ft.
  • Optima 34 – Flames can be seen through firebox; several finish options for louvers, surrounds, trims and overlays; forged iron fronts available. See product image below.
  • Optima 40 – up to 40,000 BTU/Hr on natural gas; may heat up to 1,200 to 1,800 sq. ft.

Archgard Optima 34 Gas Fireplace Insert

Archgard Fireplace Products may make an efficient gas insert, but it also turns out an impressive array of zero clearance gas fireplaces . These fireplaces suit any décor, from newly renovated, to bedrooms and other non-traditional locations. They range from economy models (DV-520) to deluxe (Northfire 42) and include many throw-in features and available options. Some of these options are louvers finished in nickel, gold or pewter, forged iron fronts in a variety of styles and brushed nickel, gold or black bay doors and overlays. Heat output also varies, with the DV-520 rated at up to 15,000 BTU/Hr and the Northfire 42 rated at 40,000 BTU/Hr.

Archgard's pellet stove line , the Optima PS1, professes to be one of the cleanest burning and most efficient models on the market. As an industry first, it incorporates an optional heat exchanger with no tubes to clean. The Optima PS1 utilizes a self modulating convection blower to limit noise and increase efficiency. Automatic self ignition, a large (up to 95 lbs.) hopper and variable heat output of nearly 42,000 BTUs are standard.

Archgard Optima PS1 Pellet Stove

The wood stove at Archgard gets either the free-standing or insert treatment, both carrying the Chalet 1800 name. The free-standing model has a 2.5 cubic ft. firebox which can accommodate up to 18" logs. An optional two-speed fan claims to increase efficiency to point of heating a space up to 2,000 sq. ft. The Chalet 1800 wood insert has the same qualities and both models can incorporate brushed-nickel plated or brushed 24K gold doors.

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