Arctic Products

Keeping the backyard warm with line of outdoor fireplaces

Arctic Products markets a line of fireplaces, exclusive to the outdoors, in a variety of styles and prices to suit all tastes and budgets. All of its outdoor fireplaces are portable, relatively lightweight (lightest just over 30 lbs and the heaviest around 80), and made to burn wood or gas/liquid propane. All of their models but two have a limited 3-year warranty and all feature a 360 degree view of the fire. Units either have single front-load door, or double, and employ different metal construction and finishes. Mesh screens, cooking grids, pull handles, and log grates are just a few of the options available on different models.

Bon Fire Outdoor Fireplace

Arctic Products' Bon Fire outdoor fireplace is one of six wood or pressed wood-burning models. Portable with a pull handle and rear wheels, it is finished with porcelain coated enamel for a slower burn and prevention of environmental damage.

The fire screen is nickel plated to prevent flying sparks and ember and is easily extinguished, just by removing the screen and putting the lid back on.

The Bon Fire outdoor fireplace has the 3-year limited warranty and 360 degree view of the fire, and comes in three colors: green, red and black.

Dimensions: 28" diameter x 45" tall

Weight: 50 lbs.

Bon Flame Outdoor Fireplace

Bon Flame is a gas fireplace, which is rated for both natural gas and liquid propane. This unit has brass safety valve controls that allow heat output of up to 120,000 BTUs. Included with this particular gas model are ceramic fiber logs and embers, as well as an adjustable flame regulator and a UL approved LP regulator. The burner and its clips are made of stainless steel and the fire screen is zinc coated. The all-around view and 3-year (limited) warranty are also standard. Rear wheels and a pull handle make it portable, and it is available in only one color finish, black.

Dimensions: 28" diameter x 45" tall

Weight: 80 lbs.

Chinook 150 Outdoor Fireplace

Unlike sister products Bon Flame and Bon Fire, the Chinook 150 is more of a static outdoor fireplace in that it has no wheels and no pull handle. However, where it does set itself apart from Arctic Products' portable models is in the chimney and safety features. The Chinook has a spark arrestor and rain guard, and the chimney helps guide smoke up and away from people around it. Its heavy gauge steel body and mesh are safe and durable and the black (only color) satin finish is highly heat resistant. Assembly is made easy with just four bolts and snap fit, and a removable door lets you view the fire in open and closed modes.

Dimensions: 23" length x 25" width x 39" height

Weight: 39 lbs.

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