Austrian manufacturer brands ultra modern, cutting edge fireplace and stoves

Clean lines, burnished metals and unique shapes dominate Austria-based manufacturer Austroflamm's line of wood and gas fireplaces and stoves, inserts and accessories. It has taken the traditional concept of the fireplace and suited it to the urban lifestyle consumer. The stoves and fireplaces are predominantly narrow vertical units made specifically to fit into the tighter spaces afforded by loft-style apartments or town houses. Wood stoves and gas stoves are manufactured from such metals as cast-iron and stainless steel and in classic and modern styles.

While its products are state-of-the-art, Austroflamm does not currently market its products in the U.S.

Flok Wood-burning Stove

The Flok wood-burning stove is a compact cast-iron model with a large viewing window, optional pedestal and deceptively large firebox. Other nice additions are a warming plate or compartment (for tea etc.), a handle for air control and a turning plate that allows it to be turned 360 degrees. The Flok is up to 70-80 percent heat efficient.

Irony Fireplace 3

This fireplace is a slim, vertical unit that can be either built-in or free standing. The frame can be made from either stainless steel or anthracite, or it can be fronted naturally with stone or marble. It has a nominal heat output of 17,000 BTU/hour, and can go as high as 23,800 BTU/hour and can heat up to 3,500 cubic feet.

Wien Cast-iron Wood Stove

The Wien wood stove is a more traditional stove from Austroflamm, with a wide frame and cast-iron manufacture. Its 27" width allows for long logs to be loaded, and with a side door feature this is made even easier. An ash drawer built into the front makes it easier to clean, as well. Its nominal heat output is about 37,500 BTU/hour and the maximum it cranks out is 54,600.

Irony S Gas Stove

Irony S is Austroflamm's ultra-modern gas stove, with variable flame adjustment, ceramic and realistic looking inserts, variable exhaust tube either in back or on top, one-handed operation and easy ignition. This model is finished, like the Irony fireplace, in either stainless steel or anthracite and has a fairly large viewing window. This tall and slim unit operates at maximum output of nearly 40,000 BTU/hour.

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