Baker's Choice Cook Stove

A throwback stove to a simpler time

As a stove, the Baker's Choice harkens back to a simpler time, when people used it as an all-in-one appliance to cook food, keep it warm and heat the room it was located in.

Made by Amish Mennonites in Ontario , Canada , the Baker's Choice is larger and more efficient than traditional cook stoves, but not that large that it won't fit in an economically spaced room. It is also very efficient because it throws out the heat of a wood burning stove, with the convenience of cooking facility.

Sold mostly through independent dealers in Canada and the U.S. , the Baker's Choice is practical and economical, with average price at around $1,000 for a base model. Adding a 7-gallon water reservoir and warming oven bumps it to about $1,300. They can be shipped to you by semi-truck to a freight terminal near you.

Here are some of the included features / advantages of a Baker's Choice cook stove:

  • Firebox is lined with custom-molded refractory brick
  • Wood fuel is front loaded, with an 11" top opening as an alternate
  • Grates inside that can hold either wood or coal
  • Heat intensity controlled by air passing over grates into firebox
  • Some stainless steel components to guard against corrosion
  • Painted in black, heat resistant paint and is not porcelain enamel
  • Oven door swings out, not down
  • Long burn times and ease of cleaning out ash
  • Made from reinforced, welded steel plates

Here are some select stove specifications, in terms of sizes:

  • Cooking surface dimensions: 34" width x 21" depth
  • Oven dimensions: 14" height x 22" d x 14" w
  • Firebox dimensions: 18+" d x 14" h x 11+" w
  • Overall height: 51+"
  • Overall depth: 28"

Baker's Choice Cook Stove

Controlled combustion and easy loading are hallmarks of the Baker's Choice, and it will burn odd shaped or unsplit wood. The design is quite simple, to the point that some might complain about rough edges and visible weld spatter, but the stove is highly durable and able to heat a small or medium-sized home or cottage. The stove is UL rated and usually comes with a 2-year warranty.

As you can see, the Baker's Choice comes chock full of great features, and is hand-made to classic design—a great buy for a small to medium sized dwelling!

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