Brunco Wood and Coal Stove

A very efficient heater in a plain package

You might want to excuse the Amish producer of the Brunco Wood and Coal Stove for making his product look a little too bland, but you can't dispute that it is a great heater for your money. Also branded as a furnace, the Brunco comes in three sizes, with the 190 model being able to crank out 190,000 BTU, burning wood or coal or a mixture of both.

A variable baffle system burns surplus gases and reduces heat loss while controlling creosote buildup. Different from a lot of coal and wood burning stoves, the Brunco stove includes automatic controls to maintain heat output and provide for longer burning time to avoid having to load up in the middle of the night.

The Brunco coal and wood stove is feature- rich (see some of the details to follow) and comes in three models: the 120 (small), 150 (medium) and 190 (large).

Here are a few features:

  • Coal or Wood-burning
  • Cast-iron Shakable Grates
  • Wall-mount Thermostat Control
  • Large Ash Pan
  • Smoke Bypass Damper
  • High Temperature 1 1/2" Brick
  • Air Tight Cast-iron Ash and Loading Doors
  • Secondary Heat Exchanger
  • Hot Air Distribution Blowers
  • Air Circulated Firebox
  • Large Loading Door
  • Double Front & Back Wall -120/150/190
  • Fan and Limit Safety Controls

Brunco Wood and Coal Stove

For the smaller house or dwelling (up to 1,800 square feet) the 120 would suffice, as it puts out 120,000 BTU/hour and can handle logs up to 22" long. At a robust 600 pounds, it is the lightest of the three, and like the others must be mounted on a solid and approved non-combustible hearth, as well as comply with clearance requirements. Reading the owner's manual is a step in the right direction. The 150 suits a medium sized place of near 2,200 square feet, and its heat output goes to 150,000 BTU/hour. Lastly, the aforementioned 190 is the beast of the trio at 800 pounds and should heat an area of approximately 2,500 square feet.

Consumers thinking of purchasing a Brunco might want to read up on EPA guidelines concerning the use of coal, just to be sure that it complies with local guidelines. The type of coal is also important, as anthracite and bituminous coal, for example, burn differently either alone or in conjunction with wood.

The Brunco is available only through a select few dealers and prices range from $2,100 for a 120 on up to $2,900 for a 190.

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