Continental Fireplace

Wolf Steel brand complements Napoleon lines

While the Napoleon brand of hearth products is popular with consumers, Canadian manufacturer Wolf Steel's other brand Continental Fireplace also boasts an impressive range of hearth products. Continental puts together direct vent gas fireplaces, gas stoves and gas inserts; natural vent gas fireplaces, inserts and stoves; vent-free gas fireplaces and stoves; wood-burning stoves and fireplace inserts and electric fireplaces and outdoor gas fireplaces. Accessories include trim kits, cast-iron surrounds, ornamental door kits and insets, firebrick lining, remote controls, andirons, blowers and hot air distribution kits.

With a commitment to quality, all Continental fireplaces and stoves have limited lifetime warranty and are approved to CSA and ANSI standards in Canada and the U.S. respectively. Continental products also include many standard features and advantages, such as:

  • Sealed combustion technology
  • Versatile installation, including bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Direct vent models can be vented 20' horizontally through a wall or 40' vertically through a roof
  • "Yellow Dancing Flame" burners
  • Millivolt to light and operate ensures operation during power failure
  • "Safeguard" safety shut off switch
  • Wood-burning products meet EPA standards
  • "Flamation" technology for electric fireplaces gives realistic feel
  • "Phazer" log sets and ember beds

A few of Continental Fireplace's popular products comprise the BCDV33NR rear vent gas fireplace, the CDVS600 Direct Vent and Natural Vent Gas Stove and the CVF42 Vent-free Gas Fireplace. Each are pictured below, with some accompanying details on features and specifications and accessories / options.

BCDV33NR Rear Vent Gas Fireplace


  • Heat output rating up to 16,400 BTUs
  • Zero clearance installation
  • Vents horizontally or vertically
  • Standard black upper and lower louvers
  • Professed 75.5% efficiency
  • Burns propane and natural gas

Accessories / Options

  • "Advantage" on/off remote control
  • Wall mounted thermostatic control
  • Hot air distribution kit

CDVS600 Direct Vent and Natural Vent Gas Stove


  • Heat output rated up to 35,000 BTUs
  • Easy conversion from direct vent to top or rear vent
  • B-vent adapter kit converts stove to natural draft
  • "Yellow Dancing Flame" technology

Accessories / Options

  • 24 Karat gold plated decorative door overlays
  • Optional side shelves
  • Black finished andirons

CVF42 Vent-free Gas Fireplace


  • Operation does not require electricity due to millivolt system
  • Fireplace safety screen
  • Unvented, no chimney required
  • Millivolt valve with built-in adjustable flame/heat control
  • Zero clearance to combustible materials

Accessories / Options

  • Ornamental insets
  • Cast-iron surrounds
  • Polished brass or brushed stainless steel 3" trim kit
  • Heat activated blower system and variable speed control
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