Global manufacturer a leader in electric fireplace technology

If you're looking for an electric fireplace that truly mimics a real wood-burning unit, you might want to look to global industry leader and innovator Dimplex. Since 1995, when they developed and turned out the first electric fireplace with a realistic wood-burning flame effect, they have been granted 19 patents on electric flame technology.

At their plant in Cambridge , Ontario , Canada , Dimplex North America Limited manufactures a wide array of consumer (and trade) electric fireplaces and stoves, highlighted by Symphony and Electraflame lines.

The Symphony Line offers many different styles and finishes to suit even the most discerning taste, as well as whim, as seen in their specialty fireplaces. Specialty fireplaces are made to be mounted in corners and on walls, as well as being very portable. They are also very economical, as cost per hour fluctuates from 3 cents (just flame) and 8 cents (heat), based on local hydro rates.

All Symphony fireplaces include the realistic flame technology Dimplex is noted for, and no venting is required. They also plug into a standard 120 Volt outlets and operate with or without heat. The Symphony series is broken down to four lines: Maestro, Ovation, Specialty and Encore, as well as a line of electric stoves.

The Symphony Maestro Brockton electric fireplace (seen below) is a 23" model with a fan forced heater and an integrated on / off control. Its heat output is over 4600 BTUs and its total weight (fireplace, mantel and trim) is 175 lbs. The mantel is finished in rich burnished walnut.

Symphony Maestro Brockton Electric Fireplace

One of the unique Symphony Specialty fireplaces is the stainless steel wall mount, whose space-saving design makes it ideal for apartments or lofts. The wall mount model has a panoramic-type window for easy viewing, and also has a built-in heater that throws out over 4,900 BTUs.

Symphony Specialty Stainless Steel Wall Mount Fireplace

The Electraflame series has built-in and plug-in electric fireplaces, inserts, specialty fireplaces and a line of stoves. Like Symphony, Electraflame is known for an assortment of styles and finishes. Some of the more unique wood finishes on Electraflame fireplaces are distressed oak, walnut, mission oak, and alabaster.

All Dimplex fireplaces have warranties, and range from full to limited and vary in term. Their products are not available directly to consumers, but they do supply to many distributors and dealers throughout North America .

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