Simpson Dura-Vent

A leader in hearth and chimney venting systems

Simpson Manufacturing bought Dura-Vent nearly 25 years ago, and in that time the publicly traded company has continually led the market in flexible vent connectors and venting systems for direct-vent appliances, like fireplaces and stoves. Simpson Dura-Vent makes chimneys and stovepipes for wood stoves, venting for direct-vent and top-vented gas stoves and fireplaces, chimney relining for stove inserts and venting systems for pellet stoves.

These products are suited to hearth systems and HVAC professionals; however, do-it-yourself is also possible.

Dura-Vent's chimneys and stove pipes are marketed in four lines:

  • DuraTech double-wall insulated chimney
  • DuraPlus triple-wall insulated chimney
  • DVL double-wall black stovepipe
  • DuraBlack single-wall stovepipe

The DuraTech chimney and stovepipe line, for instance, has many features and specifications that the hearth professional would find beneficial:

  • Excellent insulation – dual stainless steel walls encase locked-in blanket insulation, eliminating hot spots common to other forms of insulation
  • Easy installation
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Applications for 2100 F and 1700 F chimney systems

Duratech Chimney System

The Dura-Vent line of venting for direct-vent and top-vented gas stoves and fireplaces include two offerings: Direct Vent GS and Type B Gas Vent.

Direct Vent GS is an industry standard for venting direct-vent hearth products. Many stove and fireplace manufacturers utilize Direct Vent GS to ensure optimal venting performance. This Dura-Vent line is characterized by unitized construction, twist lock connections, precision pipe and fittings and factory-painted pipe with optional brass trim designer kits. Direct Vent GS chimney liner and masonry chimney conversion kits are also versatile enough and available in enough different sizes to vent appliances through existing masonry chimneys, for example.

Dura-Vent's chimney relining for stove inserts has two lines: DuraLiner for wood stove inserts and DuraFlex for gas stove inserts. DuraLiner is well suited to today's high performance wood stove inserts, providing performance and safety.

DuraLiner includes the following attributes:

  • Suitably sized and insulated flue which maintains a strong draft for good efficiency
  • Chimney fire safety in event of a creosote fire
  • Reduced creosote
  • Hot, strong draft makes hearth appliance that much more efficient in start up, burn rate, heat output and cost saving on wood consumption

The venting systems for pellet stoves that Dura-Vent produces are categorized by the new PelletVent Pro for corn and pellet stoves, and PelletVent and CornVent for pellet appliances. PelletVent's traits include quality construction characterized by 100% rivet manufacture (no spot welds) and rugged unitization.

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