Empire Comfort Systems

White Mountain Hearth brand markets wide range of vent-free and direct-vent fireplaces

Empire Comfort Systems is a large Illinois-based manufacturer of heating, fireplace and outdoor products. The fireplace products are represented by sub-brands American Hearth, White Mountain Hearth and Mantis . White Mountain Hearth offers the most diverse array of gas-burning hearth products, incorporating vent free fireplaces, B-vent and direct-vent fireplaces, vent-free fireboxes, cast-iron stoves, log sets, decorative louvers and doors, and mantels and related accessories.

Mantis has but one offering, an ecologically sensitive direct-vent gas stove known for its efficiency.

Fashionable lines from White Mountain Hearth are the Taos series vent-free fireplaces, Tahoe Series direct-vent fireplaces and Keystone B-vent fireplaces. Each line is unique in design, features, options and finishes. They are described below, with some of their specifications, features, and available options.

White Mountain Hearth Taos Series Vent-Free Fireplaces

The Taos Series includes some the following features, specifications and available options:

  • Declared 99.9 % efficiency
  • Oxygen depletion sensors and automatic shut-off
  • No venting
  • No electricity required, thermostatically controlled
  • Up to 30,000 BTU/Hr heat output
  • Optional floor stand and single-speed automatic blower
  • Burns natural gas or liquid propane
  • 5-year limited warranty and 5-year limited labor warranty
  • Either full or corner mantel, in a wide variety of finishes

White Mountain Hearth Tahoe Series Direct-Vent Fireplaces

White Mountain Hearth's Tahoe Series fireplaces incorporate some of the subsequent features, specifications and available options:

  • Direct vent draws in fresh air to maintain combustion and expels combustion by-products
  • Big heat resistant, tempered glass window for optimal viewing
  • All new burner and log set on deluxe models
  • Louvers at top and bottom and hidden controls
  • Factory-installed blower and aged brick liner
  • Optional battery-operated remote control, wall thermostat and wall switch
  • Standard and Universal mantels in diverse selection of wood finish

White Mountain Hearth Keystone B-Vent Series Fireplace

Keystone B-vent fireplaces from White Mountain Hearth include some of the following features specifications and available options:

  • Heat output ratings from 21,000 BTU/Hr to 30,000 BTU/Hr, depending on model
  • Hand painted ceramic fiber log set
  • Sandstone Mosaic Brick Liners standard on some models
  • Matte black slat louvers (except on flush front models) and operable curtain screens
  • Light rigid box, with easy installation
  • Optional louver patterns in slat, arched, leaf and mission
  • Optional FBB4 automatic blower with variable speed control
  • Burn natural gas or liquid propane
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