Esse Stoves

Over 150 years experience goes into Esse brand stoves

Esse founder and native Scotsman James Smith started making stoves in Jackson , Mississippi in 1854, and over 150 years later the Esse line of stoves has grown to incorporate as large of an offering as seen anywhere. Esse manufactures the following stoves: wood/multi-fuel, oil, electric, flueless gas, and gas.

Wood / multi-fuel stoves come in eight different configurations, with the ornate "Dragon" fireplace being a signature model. The gas-burning stoves are available in five different units, including a "Dragon" version and the more contemporary 500 line.

Flueless gas models are split in two models, both very contemporary in style, while oil stoves are represented by just one model. Another unique offering from Esse is the "Solo" electric fireplace, which is unlike any other electric stove on the market.

Listed below are but a few of Esse's stove products, with applicable specifications, features and optional accessories, where available.

Esse Dragon Multi-Fuel Stove

Features / Specifications / Options

  • External riddling
  • Heat output up to 27,000 BTU/Hr, depending on fuel source
  • Continuous overnight burning is possible
  • Cast-iron construction
  • Top or rear flue outlet

Esse 500 Wood-Burning Stove

Features / Specifications / Options

  • Up to 22,000 BTU (5kW/h) heat output, dependant on fuel type and settings
  • Appropriate for overnight burning
  • Made of cast-iron
  • Multi-fuel application, wood or any other approved solid

Esse 200 Gas Stove

Features / Specifications / Options

  • Optional automatic remote control system (ARCS)
  • ARCS turns stove on and off twice in one day, monitors room temperature to modulate stove temperature
  • Stove pilot light stays on always, and ARCS is battery-operated so no main power is necessary
  • Burns natural gas or liquid propane
  • Coal effect
  • Manual ignition
  • Auto safety shut-off
  • Heat out rated to maximum of over 16,000 BTU/Hr

Esse Solo Electric Stove

Features / Specifications / Options

  • Thermostatically regulated
  • Portable cast-iron model
  • Electric coke fuel effect
  • Available in six colors
  • 3400 to 6800 (approx.) heat output rating or armor-bright polish finish

Esse stoves are manufactured in England and sold virtually worldwide. They are available through select and approved dealers in Canada and the U.S.

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