Excalibur Luxury Fireplaces

FPI brand boasts plush effects with quality and style

Fireplace Products International, which makes well-known brands such as Regency, Hampton and Palace Fireplaces, has gone the extra mile to produce its luxury line of fireplaces—Excalibur. As gas products are a hallmark of FPI, Excalibur also brings to market a superior line of gas fireplaces , gas inserts and a wide array of design features and accessories. A wood fireplace line is also made at Excalibur, and it puts out exceptional heat (up to 70,000 BTU) and a decent efficiency rating (74 % claim). Excalibur gas fireplaces are direct vent, with zone heating. They are independent of electricity for operation.

Accessories, options and mantels for Excalibur Fireplaces are numerous and inspiring, such as designer arches, single or double screen doors, 24 k gold plate finishes, brick panels and oak, cherry, birch or white finished mantels.

Gas fireplaces and inserts come in two sizes, medium and large. Each are finished to suit the most discerning tastes. Excalibur P90 and P95 are the medium and large (respectively) fireplaces and the inserts are U31 (medium) and E33 (large) . Excalibur's wood fireplace is dubbed the EX90.

Excalibur P95 Large Gas Fireplace

The P95 comes standard with the following: flush front, and blower. It is heat-rated for up to 45,000 BTU and purports to have 75 % efficiency. The options to the P95 are wide-ranging and include some of the subsequent list: double or single antique gold plated doors, copper surrounds, double nickel door surround kits, regular rustic brown brick panels, remote control, wall switch, mantel package and thermostat.

A mantel for a P95 can either be a cabinet, flat wall, corner or concrete unit.

Excalibur U31 Gas Insert

Excalibur U31 medium gas insert has decent heat output (maximum 30,000 BTU), coupled with the brand's excellent standard and optional features. The U31 is available standard with flush front and blower and optional surrounds, screen doors, door kits and brick panels are manufactured in several different finishes. A thermostat and a remote control are also optional features for the U31.

Excalibur EX90 Wood-burning Fireplace

With heat output of up to 70,000 BTU and a claim of 74 % efficiency, there is no disputing that the Excalibur EX90 Wood fireplace puts out maximum warmth. It is also tested to EPA standards and is certified as clean-burning. The standard feature of the EX90 is cast-iron double doors, with other features including optional surround, accent kit, blower, ash drawer and door screen. EX90 can accept up to 20" logs in its firebox, and burn time is claimed to be about 8 hours.

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