FMI Fireplaces

Manufacturer builds stoves and fireplaces to suit builders across U.S.

Just over 25 years ago, FMI Fireplaces put out but one product, zero clearance fireplaces. Today, it trumpets the fact that it has gained worldwide recognition as an industry leader in the production of gas and wood fireplaces and stoves and the number one supplier to home building industry. FMI turns out fireplaces, stoves, inserts and log sets in a variety of venting options and fuel sources (wood / gas).

FMI fireplaces come in wood-burning (single-sided, multi-view and outdoor) and gas (direct vent, b-vent and vent-free). FMI stoves are gas-fueled and are either direct vent fireplaces, b-vent or vent-free. Log sets are vented or vent-free and inserts are made with dual vents for either zero clearance or existing masonry applications.

Some of the popular lines with builders are the Craftsman wood-burning fireplace, Pueblo B-vent gas fireplace, Amity and Sheraton vent-free gas stoves, and Arlington Oak vented gas log set. Standard features, and options and accessories unique to each of these lines are listed below, including pictures.

FMI Craftsman Wood Fireplace

Standard features : Realistic brick liner; 5/8" steel log grate; easy access outside damper and air control; gas log ready design; 36 or 42 inch configurations

Options and Accessories : Brushed brass and aluminum louver trim; outside air kits; fan kits; smooth or louvered faces; extruded aluminum bi-fold glass doors.

FMI Pueblo B-Vent Gas Fireplace

Standard Features : Millivolt ignition; remote control or wall switch operation; refractory brick floor liner; solid nailing flanges; safety shut-off switch; Posi-lock outside air controls

Options and accessories : Decorative filigree panels; perimeter trim kits; remote control kits.

FMI Amity and Sheraton Vent-Free Gas Stoves

Standard Features : Up to 30,000 BTU heat output; heating capacity of nearly 1,000 square feet; declared 99 % efficiency; burn natural gas or liquid propane; Amity available in six different color finishes and Sheraton in two colors.

Options and accessories : optional thermostatic remote control; optional on / off remote control; optional variable manual blower; optional thermostatic blower.

FMI Arlington Oak Vented Gas Log Set

Standard Features : Aluminized burner; Hand painted logs; solid steel log grate and ember pan; ash bed and glowing ember materials; flex gas connector and all fittings; 18 or 24" log sets.

Options and accessories : Lava rock; silica sand; manual and remote ready pilot control kits.

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