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Canadian-made cook stoves harkens back to a simpler era

Heartland wood-burning cook stoves are a reminder that, like Pioneer and Bakers Choice, there was a time when the stove ably served the dual purpose of heat and food preparation. Heartland stoves are very attractive, as proven by the porcelain and nickel trim on the Sweet Heart , as well as durable (made of solid cast-iron).

While fireboxes on cook stoves tend be smaller—not as much fuel is needed to cook and leaving space for the oven are reasons why this is so—Heartland's cook stoves leave ample room for wood, and can heat spaces anywhere from 1,500 to 1,800 square feet.

Heartland's signature cook stove is the Model 1902 Oval (1903 with optional reservoir).

Heartland Model 1903 Oval Cook Stove

The Oval is a very functional and stylish stove, with a large oven (2.4 cubic feet) and the ability to send warmth out over 1,800 square feet. A cooking surface made of sturdy solid cast-iron and a spacious upper warming cabinet stand out prominently as features. Loading wood from the top or the front makes it versatile, while an ash pan on a sliding track makes it easy to clean after a good burn. The options available for the Oval give it even better functionality and are listed below.

  • Optional five gallon copper reservoir for hot water needs, with spigot or hot water jacket
  • Optional coal grate kit
  • Optional heat shield for reduced installation clearances
  • Six color options available, including green, black, white, blue, almond and Williamsburg motif (for splash back)

Heartland's Sweet Heart may not be as capable in the heating department (heat capacity rated to 1,500 square feet), nor able to handle as large a turkey as the Oval (oven is 1.7 cubic feet), but its looks are beyond comparison.

Heartland Model 2603 Sweet Heart Cook Stove

The Sweet Heart has all the same features as the Oval , including the cast-iron cook top, warming cabinet, top or front loading and the sliding ash pan. Options are the same, such as the copper reservoir and heat shield, but where it differs is in the finish. The Sweet Heart can be finished with the nickel trim, black paint and Williamsburg backsplash as seen in the photo above.

Both Heartland cook stoves can also be accessorized with a griddle kit, broiler pan and roasting rack. Heartland Oval and Sweet Heart wood-burning cook stoves can be purchased from leading retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada .

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