First heat-circulating fireplace

In 1927, Heatilator patented the world's first heat-circulating fireplace. At that time, wood was essentially the only fuel available for home heating purposes. Since then, Heatilator has branched out into offering a variety of other fuel types and fireplace designs. At one time Heatilator's heat-circulating ability was so well-known that it caused generic references, with homeowners proudly claiming that their fireplace was a "Heatilator" because it circulated heat – even if in fact it was made by a different manufacturer.

Today, Heatilator makes wood burning fireplaces, natural gas, and electric fireplaces either for indoor or outdoor use. Heatilator's parent company, Hearth and Home Technologies, owns Heatilator as well as Heat n Glo, Aqueon, Quadra Fire, and FireSide.

Silhouette 30

The Silhouette 30 not only eliminates the time-consuming mess involved in lighting a fire, but actually looks realistic and aesthetically pleasing to boot! With beautiful flame visualizations to choose from, as well as an attractive ember bed with a fairly authentic appearance, the Silhouette 30 is an easy, inexpensive, and flexible source of heat and ambience. A hefty grate and realistic log design make it look like a real wood fire. It's the easiest way yet to install a fireplace -- no gas line or venting is required. Just plug it into a 120-volt outlet. The Silhouette can handle 1,500 watts, 12.5 amps, and throws up to 4,800 BTUs. You don't have to be an expert to finish your Silhouette in style. Finish with available wood cabinets and granite or marble surrounds. The Silhouette 30 can also be installed as an insert into an existing wood-burning fireplace. You can decorate the Silhouette with a choice of fronts and trims. It doesn't get any easier than this!

Icon 100

The Icon 100 is the largest available prefabricated wood-burning fireplace – at fully 50 inches wide by 33 inches high. The I100 is the Industry's largest wood-burning fireplace with a full 50" wide by 33" tall opening. Its clean face design allows finishing materials to be applied right up to the edge of the firebox opening so there is no visible black steel. The distinctive refractory lining color and texture deliver the most convincing masonry look available in a factory-built fireplace today. Refractory patterns available are traditional brick in multi-colored earth tones and contemporary herringbone in dusky rose. DM style doors in 3 finishes and special AED premium full-framed door in vintage iron are available as options. Buyers can consider the Heatilator 20-year Buyer Protection Plan.


This 36-inch fireplace can fit into very shallow spaces, fewer than 22 inches deep. Because of its small form factor, this gas-burning fireplace can fit into most walls, cabinets beneath stairwells, or other "dead" space in the home which is sited in close proximity to high-traffic areas like hallways, living rooms, and more. The 36" model uses a 34,000 BTU/hr input, with a simple and inexpensive 5" B-vent chimney.

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