Twenty-five years of innovation

In 1976, Russell Reyher made his first wood burning stove, which sold well at the time. But in 1983 he decided to try something completely different, building a brand new line of gas fireplaces and stoves. At the time, natural gas was a virtually unheard-of fuel, and the Hearth Products Association did not allow gas fireplaces or stoves to be demonstrated at its national show. Within a little over a decade, gas became the single most popular of all fuel sources throughout the entire hearth products industry, vindicating Mr. Reyher's vision.

Since then, Kingsman has sold over 200,000 fireplaces and stoves, both gas- and wood-fired. Rather than focusing on becoming the highest-volume producer, the Reyher family strives to be known as the fireplace manufacturer who provides the greatest overall satisfaction to customers, as well as high quality in selecting its dealers

Kingsman's manufacturing facility is located in Winnipeg , Manitoba , Canada – a central location in North America , allowing them to provide relatively low shipping to dealers all over the continent.

IVF36MV Vent-Free 36" Gas Fireplace Insert

The IVF series of fireplaces has a variety of attractive options, including its millivolt gas control, allowing it to be operated during power outages. Essentially, the fireplace generates a tiny amount of electricity from its own heat (hence millivolts or 1/1000 th of a Volt) which allows operation of the high/low gas valve even without mains power. This option provides a great deal of additional security, as it ensures that even in a disaster setting, you and your family can stay warm and enjoy your Kingsman fireplace insert.

FVF350 Vent-Free Freestanding Gas Stove

The FVF series of freestanding gas-burning stoves offer the ability to burn either natural gas or Liquid Propane (LP) at extremely high levels of efficiency (99.9%) due to the absence of heat-wasting ventilation fixtures such as a chimney or B-vent found in the less efficient directly vented stoves and fireplace fixtures. Like the IVF series, the FVF uses a millivolt gas flow control which enables the stove to be used even during a power outage.

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