Majestic Fireplaces

Huge selection and many options

Majestic is another brand owned by Vermont Castings , but these fireplaces are anything but ordinary. As the name suggests, Majestic fireplaces are a sight to behold, with many options as far as form factors, installation types, materials and fuels. The Majestic fireplace lineup includes indoor and outdoor wood, gas and electric fireplaces made of iron, steel, masonry and brass.

Barrington NVBR/BC36

The Barrington NV natural vent series of natural gas and propane fireplaces are available in a number of sizes as well as two different heat circulation types. Either radiant or heat-circulating options are available, depending on your preferences as far as heat distribution mechanisms for your fireplace. These fireplaces include a patented Insta-Flame ceramic burner which offers a high degree of durability as well as surprising realism. The dancing flame looks great in combination with the realistically styled ceramic fiber log sets, giving the illusion that you must have cut, split, and painstakingly started this fire when the touch of a button is all the effort that is actually required.

Sequoia II Non-Catalytic

The Sequoia II Non-Catalytic Wood Fireplace includes a large firebox and options of a heat circulating blower. In addition, because of its use of the EVERBURN Non-Catalytic combustion system the Sequoia II boasts an ultra-low particulate matter (PM) emissions rating of 3.5 grams per hour, qualifying it under the stringent EPA Class II regulations, so that this fireplace can be used even in areas where conventional wood-burning is banned. Even more, this pollution control and efficiency system allows the Sequoia II to operate for over 14 hours on a single load of wood while previous models could hope for no better than 10 hours on the same charge of fuel wood.

The Sequoia II has a traditional masonry surround, but its doors are made of cast-iron with a large section of high-temperature ceramic glass for the viewing area, allowing a clear view of the fire while burning.

  • Heat output: 11,100 - 40,500 BTUs / hour
  • Maximum heat output: in excess of 55,000 BTUs / hour
  • Square foot heating capacity: up to 2,400 sq. ft
  • Efficiency: 63% * EPA default figure
  • Accepts a maximum of 23-in log size
  • 40 lbs of wood capacity
  • 2.9 cubic feet firebox capacity
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