Malm Fireplaces

Solid craftsmanship, quality materials

Malm has been in the business of manufacturing fireplaces since 1960. Malm builds its fireplaces in the Sonoma County of California, not far from the internationally-known California wine country. Their fireplaces come in either traditional designs or more sophisticated and modern styles. Malm's most unique features include its use of a broad range of materials and its willingness to custom design fireplaces for interested customers as well as the freestanding form factor of its fireplaces. By moving the fireplace into the center of the room, more heat can radiate into the air, improving the fire's efficiency. The use of comparatively lightweight metals has advantages over the heavy stone typical of "old-style" masonry fireplaces also – since there is no need to heat hundreds of pounds of bricks, Malm fireplaces heat up much more quickly, radiating useful amounts of heat into the room sooner. Finally, viewing angles for the fire in a freestanding fireplace are much larger than would be available otherwise. Malm fireplaces are available in many porcelain colors as well as brass, stainless steel, nickel, copper plated or matte black finishes.

The Carousel Free Standing Wood-burning Fireplace

Malm's "Spin A Fire" freestanding fireplaces are designed so that the rising heated air forms a swirling vortex inside of the fireplace, resulting in not only the typical dancing flames, but a continuously twisting motion of the flame spinning as it rises towards the chimney, which can be quite mesmerizing, and is a very unique flame visualization not found in traditional fireplaces. Aside from the aesthetic appeal is the fact that this mechanism serves to improve the combustion efficiency of these units, reducing the particulate matter (PM) emissions and getting more heat with less wood. This carousel design makes the Malm "Spin a Fire" series both remarkably stylish and very economical and environmentally conscious room heaters.

GF2 and GF3 Gas Fire Drums

The Malm GF series of fire drums offer gas-fuelled heat in an attractive and efficient package. With the vast selection of designer colors available from Malm, you can choose a fire drum that suits the particular décor of your home. And with the 26,700 BTU per hour burner input, the fire drums are sufficient to heat many homes, but they do not burn so hot as to make the room they are in uncomfortable. The * ceramic logs [Vented Gas Logs] and glowing embers add a touch of realism, very closely resembling a traditional wood fire.

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