Martin Hearth & Heating

Heating in many styles and budget ranges

Martin Hearth and Heating is a heating and hearth equipment manufacturer that is owned by MHS, Inc. It builds indoor and outdoor fireplaces, vented gas logs inserts, and heaters that operate on gas, electricity, and wood. Their options for indoor systems include direct vent, B-vent chimney, and vent-less options, depending on the air-tightness of your home and your particular preferences in terms of efficiency, indoor air quality and fuel type.

Super See-Thru (SST) Radiant Wood-Burning Fireplace

The Super See-Thru fireplace is a radiant design, using no blowers or other mechanical systems to spread heat through your home. As well, this aesthetically-pleasing polished brass fireplace includes glass doors with a bi-fold design, allowing you to easily fold them clear of the fireplace face while loading the hearth with a fresh charge of fuel wood. The large viewing area provides a full view of the dancing flames within the refractory firebox, and the heavy removable grate allows easy cleanup of ashes.

EF500 Electric Fireplace

The EF500 is a surprisingly realistic electric radiant fireplace with a 39" face. The fireplace has a very authentic glowing ember bed and flame visualization technology, which makes this fireplace an ideal alternative to traditional wood-burning fireplaces in apartments, cottages, and other buildings where an actual open flame is inappropriate or impossible. The EF500 can connect to either 120V or 240V household electrical outlets, at a heat output of 1500W (5,100BTU) or 3000W (10,250BTU) respectively. The viewing area is fully 36" wide, allowing a broad and unobstructed view of the ember bed and flame visualization, greatly enhancing the ambience of any room in which the fireplace is located. The EF500 includes a near-silent blower to circulate heated air into the room rather than relying solely on radiant heat.

24DBX Vent-Free Gas Fireplace System

The 24DBX vent-less natural gas fireplace has the highest heating output that is legally allowable for bedroom and bathroom installations. This fireplace uses a simple and reliable single-burner system, and comes with a two log integrated design. If your goal is to emulate a traditional wood-burning fireplace, then you can purchase the optional brown firebricks to have your installer design this fireplace with the look of a real wood-fired hearth. Since there is no chimney required, this fireplace is suitable for apartments, bedrooms, or other sites just as long as a gas connection is available.

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