Mendota Hearth

Luxury gas appliances

Mendota fireplaces is a division of Johnson Gas Appliances which was started in Cedar Rapids , Iowa in 1901 to produce gas furnaces and industrial equipment, mostly for high school students in vocational technology classes. The Mendota line includes gas fireplaces, fireplace inserts and stoves as well as custom-designed fireplaces for high-end customers. Since Johnson Gas Appliances has over 100 years of experience making a variety of gas appliances, Mendota has also had time to amass a number of awards at industry shows and competitions.

Tuscany Gold

For a display of pure luxury, the Tuscany series of fireplaces is faced with a floral and grape motif in pure 24 karat gold. The idea is to call to mind the ambience of a rustic Tuscan vineyard bathed in "golden" sunlight. The effect of dancing firelight on gleaming gold cannot be understated. In terms of attention to detail, nothing has been missed – even the logs inside of the fireplace are hand-molded from real logs, for the highest possible level of realism.

Because of its undeniable aesthetic appeal and high efficiencies (up to 86.4%) this fireplace won "Best in Show" at a national Hearth Products Association Expo. One of the things that sets this fireplace apart from many luxury and designer models is its ability to continue functioning even during a power outage – so no matter what, your family can continue enjoying the warmth of your Tuscany Gold fireplace. In addition, the use of all outside air for burning preserves the indoor air quality and does not introduce additional moisture to your home.

Bentley Swedish Nickel Screened Doors and Swedish Nickel Accent Border

The Bentley series of fireplaces boast large nickel-bordered doors with a sizable viewing area and nickel screen, which gives the clear illusion of a traditional wood-burning fireplace. As a purely aesthetic option, additional facing is available to give your fireplace a "true arch" style with the additional true arch accent border surround.

Wall-mounted controls and a quiet, efficient blower make this an excellent fireplace for heating segments of your home to exactly the temperature that you desire. You can directly control the temperature of your fireplace or engage the thermostatic control, allowing the fireplace to regulate your room's temperature at a preset level.

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