Morsø Stoves

The oldest stove manufacturer in the world

Having turned 153 years old this year, Morsø Stoves can safely say that they are the oldest manufacturer of cast-iron stoves in the world. This Danish company prides itself on providing the best hearth products to its customers and constantly strives to design and build quality, innovative stoves. Morsø has been a purveyor to the Royal Danish Court since 1915 and their hard-working attitude has taken them from being a small iron foundry built in 1853 to a leading brand name in the 21 st century.

Morsø offers a variety of well-made stove lines that come in all sizes and styles to suit your home stove needs.

2B Classic Squirrel stove

The smallest and most versatile stove that Morsø offers is the 2B Classic Squirrel stove. This stove is an update from the 1934 version and fits easily into any small space. It uses a heat exchanger over the firebox to draw more heat and radiate it into the room, making it fantastic for small-space heating. The Squirrel can take up to 18-inch logs and can heat up to 1200 square feet of living space. Still incorporating the sturdy original design of the 1934 stove, the Squirrel has a few more user-friendly features that make use and maintenance much easier. All you have to do is kick back in front of this diminutive stove and relax!

1400 series stove

Next up in the Morsø product line is the 1400 series stove. This stove is perfect for any room that requires heat. It is equipped with a spin-dial air vent so that you can adjust your stove to its optimal burning state quickly and efficiently. The 1400 series heats up to 800 square feet and includes a 6-inch reversible flue collar so that you can choose to vent the stove from the top or from the back. Its country design lends a cozy air to any room.

1710 Insert

If you're looking for a fireplace insert, Morsø provides a number of cast-iron inserts that deliver all the benefits of a wood stove in your home. The Morsø 1710 Insert is made completely of cast-iron, unlike some inserts which are partly constructed of steel, and uses natural convection and an optional fan to provide good heat circulation in your room. If you want a gas fireplace insert, then Morsø makes the DV250, which is a cast-iron and aluminum built insert with elegant design and finish and a heating capacity of up to 33,000 BTUs/hr.

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