Napoleon Fireplaces

The Canadian company that aims to conquer the hearth industry

Napoleon Fireplaces started in 1976 as Wolf Steel out of Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Their commitment to their customers is to be distinct and successful in the industry. Wolf Steel started by manufacturing steel railings; now, having changed to Napoleon Fireplaces in 1891, they are one of the leading brand names of hearth products in the world, including outstanding gas grills and some of the most innovative fireplace technology in North America. Napoleon has expanded into North America and ships their products all over the United States and Canada . Napoleon offers many products, including stoves, fireplaces, *fireplace inserts and accessories. Depending on what you're looking for, you can even buy the famous Napoleon Waterfalls and gourmet grills.

Napoleon's gas fireplaces and stoves give an elegant look to any room and are a great way to warm up on a winter's day. The lines come in Direct Vent fireplaces, Natural Vent, Vent-free and Gas/Electric options to suit your needs.

B36DFN Direct Vent Deep Firebox Gas Fireplace

The B36DFN Direct Vent Deep Firebox Gas Fireplace includes many design options for your home décor as well as PHAZER logs, a 20-inch firebox and automatic gas shut-off to ensure that your home remains safe.

GVF40 Vent-free Gas Fireplace

The GVF40 Vent-free Gas Fireplace offers you up to 30,000 BTUs/hr of heat and an oxygen depletion sensor. The GVF40 also gives you a four-sided viewing area option with many design elements that will accent any room, traditional or modern.

1150P Wood Gourmet Cook Stove

The 1150P Wood Gourmet Cook Stove provides a stainless steel gasket with removable hot plate and pot fenders. With two options for design, the classic cook stove also provides wood storage inside and a refractory lined firebox.

0S10 Oil Burning Stove

Napoleon distributes several oil stoves under the name Franco Belge Oil Stoves. The 0S10 Oil Burning Stove is a cast-iron oil stove that's carbon free and provides efficient room heating with a Cristallis vaporizer burner. The GPF Patio Flame Outdoor Campfire Fireplace actually gives the impression of a real campfire and has radiating heat that can warm up any outside gathering. You can build this fireplace on brick, stone, wood or concrete and enjoy up to 60,000 BTUs/hr of heat.

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