Heating the coldest countries in the world

The Osburn brand, manufactured by Stove Builder International, comes out of Quebec City, Quebec, Canada and prides itself on building stoves that can warm a home during Canada's cold winters. Osburn believes that besides providing customers with quality hearth products, they can also offer innovative, aesthetically pleasing models to add accent to any home. Osburn's products include EPA wood stoves, wood fireplace inserts , and gas fireplaces and inserts. Osburn added a pellet stove to their line in 2006.

Here are some Osburn products that we found interesting and efficient for your home:

Osburn 1100 Stove

The Osburn 1100 Stove accepts 16-inch logs, provides up to 45,000 BTUs/hr and can heat up to 1400 square feet. It provides a self-cleaning glass system and comes in several different designs to fit any room, traditional or modern. It's even approved for mobile home living!

Westbay 38

The Westbay 38 is a classy little direct-vent gas stove, although it can be B-vent adaptable. It has two different vent installations and can radiate as much as 38,000 BTUs/hr of heat. It fits nicely into small spaces – you can install it as close as 4 inches from your back wall with no damage. It comes in a variety of design options to match your décor – the Westbay is a perfect solution to small-space heating issues!


The Hybrid-45MF is Osburn's one and only pellet stove, but it's extremely competent at heating, throwing up to 45,000 BTUs/hr. Its maximum combustion time is up to 70 hours, and it has a 70-pound hopper to hold your fuel. With six heat settings and electronic ignition, the Hybrid-45MF is a great way to heat up your room efficiently and cheaply.

1600 Insert

Osburn also makes wood inserts. Its 1600 insert fits right into any existing fireplace and provides up to 65,000 BTUs/hr of heat. It has a self-cleaning glass system and a firebox volume of 1, 85 pi cu. It can heat up to 1800 square feet and comes in two design options with different sized doors to satisfy any customer. If you're looking for a gas insert, why not try the elegant Saturna, which uses a direct vent system to provide up to 35,000 BTUs/hr of heat. It's even approved for installation in a zero-clearance hearth and has many different options and accessories to choose from.

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