Robert H. Peterson Co.

Manufacturing world-class, well-known products such as Real-Fyre and Fire Magic

Robert H. Peterson, known as an engineering genius, created Peterson Products with Fire Magic's Harold Kleck. This collaboration has created some of the best hearth products that are shipped all over the world, from North America to South Africa . Peterson focuses on its customers and takes immense pride in manufacturing fantastic products for over half a century. Peterson has a commitment to staying on top of the industry in order to provide top-of-the-line products to its customers – this includes being a leader in all technological and design fields. Peterson manufactures three lines – Real-Fyre, Fire Magic and American Outdoor Grill.

Here are some products that we found interesting to an aspiring fireplace owner:


Peterson's Real-Fyre line offers customers four different series of gas-burning logs. The logs are non-combustible and great for the environment because they are non-toxic and work with your existing gas fireplace.

The Real-Fyre Charred series offers a variety of oak and cedar options that come in three different sizes. The Designer series, for the more discerning customer, comes in oak, cedar, birch and coal. If you want a classic look to your fire, then the Classic series provides you with pine, oak and driftwood. The Ventless gas fireplaces series gives you vent free gas logs in oak that burn well and look realistic.

Fire Magic

Fire Magic provides a line of barbeques that cook food evenly and well and make a great addition to any backyard. With Peterson's Elite and Monarch line, you get an outdoor kitchen that's versatile and efficient.

The Elite 50 with backburner is made out of stainless steel and gives you 1056 square inches of cooking surface. Having a party? Why not take the cooking outside? The Elite 50 has 8 burners and 2 rotisserie burners so that you cook a feast on your deck! If you're looking for upscale barbeques, then Peterson is definitely the place to find grills to add to your outdoor kitchen experience.

Peterson Accessories

Peterson creates fantastic, unique fire-safe accessories that include pine cones, wood chunks, oak branches, acorns, wood chips, and lava fyre coals. If you want, your pine cones can be dyed to match the color of your gas logs to create a truly amazing fireplace experience!

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