The leader in the wood stove industry since 1985

Back before the Clean-Air Act was passed in 1985, Quadra-Fire was one of 500 companies manufacturing wood stoves . After the Act was passed, other companies stopped making wood stoves rather than follow the strict guidelines, but Quadra-Fire did intensive research to produce a wood stove that would adhere to the Act. After two years, they found it – the Quadra-burn system burns and re-burns gases up to four times. Because the technology is non-catalytic, it doesn't degrade over time, meaning that the customer gets a long-lasting wood stove that's great for the environment. Quadra-Fire incorporates Aladdin Steel Products and Dovre into its line.

Quadra-Fire makes an assortment of gas, wood, corn, pellet and electric freestanding stoves. Here are some products that we found interesting:

Village Collection qv36

The Village Collection qv36 is a gas fireplace that's classically beautiful and provides up to 23,000 BTUs/hr of heat for any room in your house. It can be top or rear vented and comes with many different optional accessories, including a remote control and a variety of fronts and designs to fit your home décor.

Expression 36

The Expression 36 is the latest in Quadra-Fire technology and has incorporated customer and industry suggestions to make the most advanced heating efficiency, fireplaces around. The Expression has a patented 17" Deep Firebrick Firebox, electronic ignition, and an advanced Intelli-Fire wall control switch which is unique to Quadra-Fire.


If you would like a wood fireplace in your home, why not consider the 7100FP? Made of cast-iron, this stove provides an elegant design while being EPA-certified to burn 3.1 grams per hour. The furnace delivers precise airflow management, which combined with the large firebox, can heat up to 3,500 square feet.

3100 Millennium

Quadra-Fire is most famous for its wood stove line. The 3100 Millennium stove gives you a classic, elegant black exterior and is mounted on a pedestal. It's easily loaded and has Quadra's Four Point Advanced Combustion technology. The Millennium heats up to 2200 square feet and has a lifetime warranty.

Santa Fe Insert

The company makes several types of inserts, including pellet inserts. Pellets are clean-burning renewable fuel sources and are great for anyone who wants a fire but is too busy to chop wood, or can't afford a gas fire. The Santa Fe insert burns pellets or shelled corn and is fully-automatic with three heat settings and limited lifetime warranty. It comes in a variety of designs and is contemporary and classy while still being very efficient.

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