Rais & Wittus

Sophisticated stoves for modern life

Rais & Wittus has been selecting and importing to North America a variety of high-quality fireplaces in the finest European styles for over a quarter of a century. The company was created with the intention of appealing to the individual's fierce love of "home and hearth", as described by founder Niels Wittus. Additionally, Mr. Wittus sees the company's mission as one of providing beautiful and highly efficient stoves using cutting-edge technology, demonstrating that an appliance can simultaneously serve a utilitarian purpose and make a clear statement about the homeowner's sense of style and environmental sensibilities. Unlike many woodstove manufacturers, Rais & Wittus clearly states their belief in wood-burning technology as a solution to many environmental problems.

Rais & Wittus has a product offering which includes outdoor wood-burning grills, indoor freestanding woodstoves , freestanding wood fireplaces, gas stoves and fireplaces, electric fireplace inserts and decorative gel-burning fire bowls. There are even artistic offerings including such accessories as a "waterfall" option, in which water flows past the flame viewing area, gradually evaporating with heat. As is common the Rais & Wittus designs, this serves a practical as well as aesthetic purpose, increasing the moisture content of dry winter air while beautifying your indoor spaces.


The Meru's clean lines and relatively small footprint make it easy to incorporate into even smaller urban homes. However, as a woodstove, it may not be practical for use in apartments or other similar living spaces due to venting and fuel requirements. The tiles on this stove are available in a selection of 10 different colors as well as the simple choice of natural stone. The stove's body is made up of high quality steel in either patterned or brushed finishes with a choice of 3 different colors.

  • 350 lbs.
  • 38,000 BTU / hour
  • Heating capacity of around 1,600 square feet.

Niagara and Victoria

The Niagara and Victoria models include a flowing waterfall which cascades down the viewing area of the fireplace, humidifying the dry winter air while providing a beautiful and tranquil viewing experience.

  • 38,000 BTU / hour
  • Heating capacity of around 1,600 square feet


The DSA freestanding fireplaces consist of a large round firebox faced with a convex window. This permits a view of the fire from three different sides, rather than only the front. This series of freestanding fireplaces includes a DSA 1 and the smaller DSA 5, which can even be wall mounted.

The glass viewing area slides smoothly up into the top of the stove, seeming to disappear into the smooth steel surround allowing convenient tending of the fire. Although the glass can be left up so as to enjoy the romantic appeal of an open flame, there are no screen covers presently available for the DSA, so flooring may be at risk from stray sparks. When necessary for cleaning (with the stove cool and no burning wood inside) the glass can be opened outward to facilitate cleaning.

  • 609 lbs.
  • 38,000 BTU / hour
  • Heating capacity of around 1,600 square feet
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