Security Fireplaces

Scientific and Environmental advancements first and foremost at Security Fireplaces

Security Fireplaces, a division of Security Chimneys International, has put the focus on environmental issues when it comes to researching and designing its EPA certified and high efficiency line of fireplaces. The Security manufacturing facility in Laval , Quebec crafts four lines of fireplaces: High Efficiency (BIS), Mid-Efficient, Decorative Series and Builder Series.

The High Efficiency line has six models, characterized by the uniquely styled BIS Tradition (pictured below).

Security Fireplaces BIS Tradition Wood Fireplace

BIS Tradition incorporates some of the subsequent features and options.

  • Non-catalytic combustion
  • Zero clearance unit
  • 4.0 Cubic foot fire box and space for up to 30" logs
  • Heats up to 2,500 square feet
  • Outside air kit
  • Four optional facades in one of brushed nickel, black, 24 k gold plate or hammered steel
  • Heat activated blower
  • Heat output of nearly 80,000 BTU

Mid-Efficient fireplaces are broken down into two lines, the Le Laval and Secure HE. Le Laval is a contemporarily designed and made to look like a custom designed masonry fireplace.

Security Fireplaces Le Laval Mid-Efficient Fireplace

Le Laval is a 50 % efficient unit (hence the Mid-Efficient tag) with the following accessories and options.

  • Louverless design
  • Expansive viewing area (28" x 28" outside dimensions)
  • Ceramic glass
  • Retractable doors
  • Pocket fire screen
  • Controlled combustion for better burn rate
  • Herringbone refractory
  • Gas knockouts

For true contemporary looks, the Decorative Series SRCL/R is as unique a design as there is on the market. Either open on the left, or open on the right, this unit enables a totally different look at the fire.

Besides its left side, right side designation, the SRCL/R includes a host of other features.

  • Grey-tinted glass doors and a sealed glass panel at the end with brass trim
  • Firebox lined with refractory brick and has a cast-iron grate
  • Can hold up to 24" logs
  • Optional outside air kit

The Builders Series is traditional and features two lines the SB36 (36" model) and SB42 (42" model). Both units are trapezoidal in shape to maximize how much space is taken and both have large viewing areas (20 ½ inch high opening). They also both include gas knockouts and outside air kit knockouts, zero clearance designation, 16 inch deep firebox with refractory brick and an array of finish options.

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