Selkirk Corporation

Hearth venting specialists lead market in innovative products

In 1933, Canadian Kelly Sveinson needed a unique raw material to build the first pre-fabricated metal chimney—a metal Coca-Cola sign. In that spirit of innovation, Selkirk Metal Products began manufacturing chimneys and gas vents in Winnipeg , Manitoba and haven't looked back since. In the intervening 70 plus years, Selkirk has gone global (it is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Tompkins PLC) and brings a huge assortment of venting and fireplace solutions to the hearth consumer market.

Selkirk brands are split into Selkirk , Supervent and Superpro . Selkirk venting products include rigid chimney liners, B vents, and pellet pipes to name a few. The Selkirk brand fireplaces are Model 640 and Model HE40.

Supervent produces such venting categories as DSP stove pipes, aluminum flex liners, type L vents and B vents. Supervent fireplaces are the Max! ZC and Max! HE.

Superpro has venting solutions ranging from E-vent stove pipes to stainless flex liners and B vents. The Superpro line of fireplaces also includes the Max! ZC and Max! HE.

The Max! ZC (zero clearance) pre-fabricated wood-burning fireplace has many included features, like a firescreen, grille and grate. Optional accessories comprise horizontal trim kits and wide surrounds in polished brass or stainless steel, 105 CFM fan kit, and outside air kit.

Max! HE Fireplace

The Max! HE (high efficiency) wood-burning fireplace is a clean-burning, low emission unit with a generous 36 inch opening. It has many attractive features, including a solid cast decorative face plate, classic louvers, herringbone refractory, easy to clean ash pan, easily adjustable combustion air control. Cast-iron double doors can be finished in black, 24 karat gold or nickel.

The optional accessories for Max! HE also cover a wide spectrum, with a central heating kit, forced air kit, gravity vent kit, 150 CFM variable speed fan kit and outside air kit.

Max! ZC Fireplace

As Selkirk is a leader in the venting products market, its SuperPro 2100 chimney is a good example of Selkirk's quality and versatility. The 2100 fits 6" or 7" openings and designed for all fuel types including wood, gas, oil or coal. It is a stainless steel unit, with 2 inches of solid-packed insulation.

Supervent and Superpro fireplaces and venting products are covered by limited lifetime warranties. Selkirk products are sold worldwide, through authorized retailers and industry professionals.

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