Skytech Systems

State-of-the-art wireless control systems for hearth products

A beautiful new gas fireplace or stove need not make the owner suffer from a lack of control over the fire that burns in it. This is where Skytech Systems comes in— they're way ahead of the technology curve. The Fort Wayne IN technological company brings to market a fine assortment of remote control systems and other gadgets for gas fireplaces, stoves, fireplace inserts and vented gas logs.

Skytech's offerings cover the following range:

  • On / Off Battery Remote Control Units
  • Wireless Wall Systems
  • Thermostatic and Programmable Units
  • 110 Volt and Electric Fireplace Controls
  • Modulating Flame Units
  • Valve kits
  • Accessories

On / Off Battery Remote Control Units from Skytech come in four intuitive types, from basic (model 1001) to sophisticated (model 1001 T / LCD). All battery units include 65,536 security codes, as well as Skytech batteries and wall clips.

The 1001 T / LCD, being the most intuitive, has the following functions:

  • Four button on-off-set-timer transmitter
  • Room temperature LCD display in F and C
  • Flame icon and low batter indicator
  • Receiver with snap-on wall plate

Skytech wireless wall systems comprise a wireless handheld control (1001 TX) and wireless wall mounted thermostat (TS/R-2), wireless wall mounted timer (TM/R-2) and wireless surface mount wall switch (1001D). TS/R-2, for example, incorporates an LCD display of room temperature in F or C and manual on/set/off function for the thermostat. As an added bonus, the receiver will learn up to two other Skynet on/off transmitters. Again, Skytech's wireless wall systems come with Skytech batteries, wall clips and the 65,536 security codes.

Thermostatic and Programmable Units are some of the most advanced products from Skytech. The 3301 line has five different configurations, all battery-operated and featuring temperature display in Fahrenheit or Celsius, nine-hour countdown timer and 24 hour clock, flame icon and low battery indicator, and Skytech batteries and/or 'Battery Eliminator'. The 3301 P, to cite one unit, also has the following functions:

  • 8-button Up/Mode/Down within the face and Timer/Set/Prog/Ahead/Back under the flip cover
  • 1,048,576 security codes
  • Programmable thermostat settings
  • Swing temp.
  • Receiver with snap on wall plate

Skytech 110 Volt and Electric Fireplace controls are similar to on-off battery remote control units in what features they include, with the distinct difference being that the receiver operates with 110 V outlets, and the transmitter is battery-operated. These units come in six different patterns, from basic to 'Santa's Helper.'

Modulating Flame Units have the look and feel of technologically sophisticated thermostatic and programmable units, including the sleep design and flip down cover.

There are three units, two of them including LCD display (3324 SIT and 3324 R) and a basic single function control (Sky-MRCK).

3324 SIT includes most of the same functions as the thermostatic and programmable units, as well as a modulating solenoid kit for SIT 820 Nova valve and 4 flame bars, easy access temperature adjustment, on/off fan control and a battery operated transmitter and 110V receiver.

Skytech valve kits are distributed into three categories: slim line gas valves designed for use with all gas log sets (Models AFVK, AFVK-H/L, and AFVK-VH/L); electronic spark to pilot systems designed for use with all gas log sets (AFVK-SP, AFVK-SP H/L, and AFVK-SP MH/L); and manual safety pilot kit (AF-LMF).

The gas valves all have the following characteristics: manual flame height adjustment, operation with 30 millivolt thermocouple, easy conversion to propane fuel, and rotary control knob for manual or remote operation, and optional remote control or battery operated wall switches.

Accessories available from Skytech enhance the operation of their various products and include the revolutionary 'Battery Eliminator', as well as protective shields, wire kits, assorted batteries, rocker wall switches and table stands for remotes.

Skytech products are available throughout the US and Canada from authorized dealers.

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