Vanguard Heating Products

Fireplaces for every taste and budget

Vanguard Heating Products is a subsidiary brand owned by DESA, a manufacturer of heating, specialty tool, and do-it-yourself home improvement products worldwide. A few of DESA's other brands are: Reddy Heater, PowerFast, Outdoor Leisure, Remington, Heath/Zenith, Comfort Glow and GloWarm. The most notable thing about Vanguard as a brand is their commitment to lowering the heating bills of their customers. They heavily emphasize the use of a concept called "zone heating" or "spot heating". This technique allows you to selectively heat a specific zone such as your den, family room, dining area or basement – while keeping your thermostat lower everywhere else. As a result, even if the small zone heater is less efficient than your large "whole-home" heater, less energy is used and more money is saved.

Vanguard designs and manufactures a variety of gas fireplaces using either direct vent fireplaces, ventless gas fireplaces, or B-vent options for dealing with exhaust gases. Vanguard also manufactures a selection of electric and wood-burning fireplaces, rounding out their product offering so that you can make use of a Vanguard heating system regardless of your location and the severity of your climate.

26" Compact Classic, Single Burner

For locations with no room to spare, a Compact Classic is the perfect choice. Its small form factor makes it a real space saver without compromising in heating ability. This complete fireplace system includes a compact zero clearance firebox, vent-less "split oak" gas logs, louvers and concealed controls.


  • Thermostatic or "Remote Ready" Control System
  • Thermostatic controls can compensate automatically
  • System modulates temperature to maintain comfort
  • "Remote Ready" 26,000 BTU Model can use any Remote Accessories
  • 99% Efficient

Odyssey Outdoor

The Odyssey Outdoor is Vanguard's premier outdoor gas fireplace. Available in 36 and 42 inch sizes, the Odyssey is an ideal centerpiece to an outdoor gather in spring, summer or fall. The Odyssey is clad with stainless steel both to enhance weather resistance and ease of cleaning as well as for the sophisticated look offered by this smooth and gleaming material.


  • Includes Realistic Textured Brick Liners Available in: Natural White or Warm Red
  • Hidden Screen Pockets
  • All Models Feature Clean, Brushed Stainless Faces with Stainless Mesh Screens
  • Vanguard has five types of fireplace brands here are some of the most popular.
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