Waterford Irish Stoves

Fine Irish tradition

Waterford Irish Stoves is a brand owned by Fireplace Products International, Inc.(FPI). FPI also owns the Regency, Palace, Excalibur, and Hampton fireplace brands. As of this writing, FPI no longer sells Waterford Irish Stoves in North America, having replaced them with the Hampton brand of fireplaces and stoves instead.

Waterford Irish Stoves are made of cast-iron and clad with enameled porcelain for long life and easy cleanup. The Waterford line includes natural gas, propane and wood burning fireplaces and wood stoves which are designed for aesthetic appeal as well as function and durability.

Tara Woodstove

The Tara is a mid-range stove model for Waterford Stanley. There are a variety of colors to choose from, and the stove is capable of burning wood as well as coal, anthracite and peat. Its controls are designed to be simple and intuitive, and the stove is built with long life and efficient operation in mind. It can be used as the boiler for a hydronic (water-based) radiant heating system or as a direct convection heater.

  • Overnight burn capabilities
  • Capable of burning wood, coal, anthracite and peat
  • Chromed removable shaker grate
  • Removable boiler cleaning door
  • Removable ash-pan, fire fence and front ash tray
  • Boiler version heats up to 6 radiators
  • Available in either a boiler or non-boiler model

Erin Woodstove

As one of Waterford Stanley's larger stoves, the Erin not only heats up to 9 radiators but also provides a plentiful source of hot water for your home. Its versatility means that it can burn wood, coal, peat briquettes or smokeless fuel. Combining the power and efficiency of its heat output, the Erin is the right choice for the larger home.

  • High output boiler
  • Automatic thermostat control
  • Easy action riddling
  • Overnight burning capacity
  • Boiler version heats up to 9 radiators
  • Non-boiler version also available
  • Air-wash facility to clean stove window

Ashling Woodstove

The Ashling is one of the largest solid fuel stoves offered. It can operate on coal, wood, peat briquettes or smokeless fuels, all of which ensure high output. The substantial hotplate is another remarkable feature of the Ashling stove and makes it an ideal choice for a family home.

Also available Ashling (oil) boiler model Ashling (oil) non boiler model.

  • Overnight burning capability
  • Hi-chrome removable shaker grate system (solid fuel only)
  • Suitable for burning wood, coal, anthracite and peat briquettes
  • Solid fuel boiler heats up to 7 radiators
  • Air-wash facility to clean stove window

Fionn Woodstove

The Fionn is a traditional-style box stove, one of the smallest stoves offered by Waterford Stanley, and is capable of burning wood, coal, and smokeless fuel. Unlike most of the other stoves in the Waterford Stanley line, it offers a hot plate for cooking.

  • Central heating boiler
  • Solid fuel capable, can burn wood and coal
  • Convected and radiant heat
  • Removable ash-pan
  • Non-boiler version available
  • Hotplate on top
  • Boiler version heats up to 3 radiators
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