Antique Wood Stoves

Antique wood stoves are a prefered style of wood stove for many consumers. However, sometimes the design and workmanship or the keepsake value of a lovely old stove can blind an owner into using an unsafe or environmentally unsound wood-burning device.

Box, Cylinder, Parlor, and Pot Belly antique wood stoves are very popular and economical too. They may accept up to 22" logs, have cook lids and have draft control and ash cleanout systems. There's a wide variety of styles taking their inspiration from 18th century to turn of the century. If you're look for wood stoves with character, these oldies fit the bill.

Wood stoves that are developed after July 1, 1992 produce up to 85% less emissions than previously certified wood stoves or inserts. An antique wood stoves venting may release more heat than it radiates into the room, and some older stoves may have rust or creosote deposits that can be dangerous if not corrected and repaired. It is wise to look into high quality chimney liners.

If you can't upgrade to a newly certified stove or fireplace insert, you can still improve the performance of your older stove by having a certified Hearth Specialty Retailer or CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep inspect your system.

Ask your professional if your antique wood stove can be retrofitted with a catalytic combustor. And be sure to use only well-seasoned wood for the cleanest burn. If wood stoves pose too many maintenance issues, then look into gas fireplaces or propane fireplaces. Antique gas stoves are available, that are either new or refurbished.

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